Our Top Places to Travel This Summer

    1. Lake Tahoe 

    Tahoe never disappoints. Take a road trip to Lake Tahoe and experience some of the most beautiful sceneries on the West Coast.

    2. Zion/Bryce Canyon

    Both National Parks are located in the Southwestern part of Utah and offer some incredible hiking trails, campgrounds, and breathtaking views.

    3. Grand Canyon

    There is a reason why over 5 Million people visit the Grand Canyon every year. It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience and no description will ever suffice.

    4. Cathedral Gorge

    A Nevada State Park only 2 1/2 hours from Las Vegas. Great hiking, camping, and picnic areas. Be sure to visit an amazing bed and breakfast on the way called Cowboy Dream Alamo!

    5. Hawaii

    Fun Fact: Las Vegas is known as the 9th Island. Since Las Vegas has a very large Hawaiian community, we had to put it on our list!

    This is our list, but what is on YOURS?! We would love to hear what your travel plans are this summer! We hope you enjoyed our travel list and hope you have a wonderful & safe Summer!

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